Earth I – The Nations and Possessions


Compilation completed in May 2011

Dedicated to those who have searched in many places for information on Nations.

With a thank you for the many sources necessary to find the materials.


Over the years I have felt the need for a quick reference that would identify and describe a country.  Without a complete set of encyclopedias and a number of other books, the information was not available.  I especially felt the need when I began compiling information about DOOMSDAY and the future of the world and its peoples.

This book has two purposes, first to furnish a quick reference on the known independent countries and to give some idea of what the future portends for each of them.

In addition the book presents the major geographic features of the World and their possible or probable effect on the future of humanity on this planet.

As I prepare to print this book, a new nation has appeared on the horizon.  98+% of the population of Southern Sudan has declared its wish to form a new nation. Two civil wars were fought.  The first lasted from 1955 to 1972 and the second lasted for nearly21 years, ending in 2005.  About 2.5 million Southern Sudanese people died and perhaps 2 million were displaced.  This country “The Republic of Southern Sudan is expected to become independent of July 9, 2011l.  See “Republic of Southern Sudan” data in “Dependencies.”

A second conflict continues in the Western Sahara in which parts of Spanish Morocco demands independence from Morocco.


For the sake of convenience and brevity and to keep the text compact, I have used a few special abbreviations.

Billion (000,000,000) = bil.
Million (000,000) = mil.
Thousand (000) = Th.